White Yam Dioscorea rotundata Butterscotch Bar: Its Acceptability to Different Age Groups

Joe An B. Silvestre, Frisian Y. Causing


The researchers explored the utilization of one of the abundant indigenous tubers in Panay Island, Philippines-white-yam which was incorporated as one of the main ingredients in butterscotch. This study specifically aimed to determine the level of acceptability of white yam butterscotch bar in terms of appearance, aroma, flavor, texture and general acceptability. There were three groups of panelists composed of 60 children, 60 teenagers and 60 adults who evaluated the product using a five-point Hedonic rating scale. The butterscotch was found to be acceptable to the different age groups of panelists. However, their ratings differed significantly. Thus, this study recommended that other snack items utilizing white yam be developed to be accepted by all age groups of consumers.


butterscotch; level of acceptability; white yam


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