Development of a Web-based Statistical Analysis Tool for Basic Experimental Designs

Claudio M Galia III, Michael Anthony Jay B. Regis


This study developed a web-based statistical analysis tool for basic experimental designs that can do analysis of variance and post-hoc analysis using Tukey's Honestly Significant Difference and Fisher's Least Significant Difference. This study involved four phases of activities: research phase, design phase, implementation phase, and testing phase. Research phase included thorough research and review of existing statistical packages and online statistical tools. Necessary statistical formulae were also identified. Design phase included database design and user interface design. Implementation phase included the implementation of the required statistical computation and the implementation of the database design. The developed web-based statistical analysis tool was implemented using Struts 2 Web Application Framework and MySQL Relational Database Management System.

The user interface design successfully emulates that of a standalone statistical tool. So the interface has datasets manipulation facility, can save and share datasets, can import and export datasets, and generate printable statistical analyses.


t-test, ANOVA, Post-Hoc Analysis, p-value


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Full Text: JST_2017 06


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