Prevalence of Ovaria Cyst in Sows and Gilts in Baybay City and Ormoc City Abbatoirs

Rogelio L. Robedizo, Marianne Agnes T. Mendoza, Agnes M. Taveros


A study was conducted to determine the prevalence of ovarian cysts in slaughtered pigs in Baybay City and Ormoc City abattoirs. The specific objectives were as follows: 1) determine the number of slaughtered pigs with cystic ovaries; 2) obtain the weight of the cystic ovaries; and 3) characterize the ovarian cysts based on morphological and morphometric parameters. Descriptive statistics was used to characterize the data.

            A total of 384 pigs were used as source of ovarian samples. Alternatively, the sample size included all ovaries collected daily over a period of one (1) month. Using the second method of sampling, a total of 668 pigs served as source of ovarian samples for this study.

            The results showed that of the 668 slaughtered pigs examined, 12 had ovarian cyst with a prevalence of 1.80%. Bilateral cysts were seen more often with 58.33% (7) compared to unilateral cyst with 41.67% (5). Seven (58.33%) had multiple cysts, and 41.67% (5) had single cysts. Frequency of cyst in left ovary was 91.67%. Meanwhile, right ovary had a frequency of 66.67%.

            The weight of cystic ovaries ranged from 10.60g to 347.50g in the left ovary while 7.20g to 133.90g in the right ovary. Meanwhile, the weight of the follicles affected with cysts ranged from 3.40g to 23.13g in the left ovary and 4.2g to 19.82g in the right ovary.


ovarian cyst, prevalence, abattoirs


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