Sensory Characteristics of Intermittently Dried Sweetened Seriales (Flacourtia Jangomas [Lour.] Raeusch) as influenced by Time and Temperature

Christinne Alethea Lao, Julious B. Cerna


This study aimed to determine the sensory characteristics of the intermittently dried sweetened seriales as influenced by time and temperature to reduce cost of production while maintaining the quality of the product. Drying the samples was done with different combinations of time and temperature to accomplish the objectives. Results showed that there was no significant difference in the sensory qualities with the different employed time and temperature combinations. Nevertheless, the general acceptability showed a score of 7 of the 9-point Hedonic Scale. With this, the lowest drying time and drying temperature were considered for the cost of production to have the least cost of expenses and also because there was no significant difference with the treatments. The samples dried at this lowest treatment incurred a BEP of ₱ 29.61 per 50 grams.


sensory qualities, time, temperature, general acceptability


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