Outcomes of Exposure to Diet Pill Advertisements on Facebook among Young Women in a Rural Community

Phia Jane M. Llesis, Jedess Miladel N. Salomon


This study generally aimed to explore the outcomes of exposure to diet pill advertisements on Facebook among young women in a rural community by determining the socio-demographic characteristics of the informants and their exposure to diet pill advertisements on Facebook, ascertaining their knowledge on the health risks of diet pill intake, and determining the outcomes of their exposure to diet pill advertisements on Facebook. Data were gathered through in-depth interviews with 20 purposively selected informants. Data were analyzed using Thematic Analysis. Findings of this study showed that while browsing diet pills and being exposed to diet pill advertisements on Facebook can inspire young women to exercise and be conscious of the food they eat. Based on the analysis, two (2) positive outcomes were established: (1) determined/inspired to do workouts/engage in healthy lifestyle as well; (2) no intent on taking the diet pills. On the other hand, five (5) negative outcomes were identified which include: (1) negativity towards own body; (2) envious of the person portrayed in the advertisement; (3) compulsive exercise and eating disorder behavior; (4) browsing the Internet for more diet pill information and to buy diet pills online; and (5) taking diet pills.


Diet pills, outcomes of exposure, rural, communication


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