Variable Screening of the Development of Squash (Cucurbita maxima)-Pineapple (Ananas Comosus) Beverage

Windesa B. Yap, Christinne Alethea Lao, Marianne Agnes T. Mendoza, Charlene T. Parac, Gerwin D. Bentoy


The study aimed to develop a healthy beverage out of locally available commodities like squash and pineapple with the addition of ginger and calamansi extract. Maximizing the use of surplus agricultural raw materials in a certain area is a challenge so as to minimize one of the major problems nowadays which is the postharvest losses.  Biliran Province is known to have an abundant supply of squash in which this commodity is commonly consumed only as a dish. Ormoc, the nearby city, also has abundant supply of pineapple fruit which is of good, sweet quality and is consumed fresh. With these, processing these commodities into a beverage to extend their shelf life and make them available throughout the year is one way of adding value to the said raw materials as well as addressing food losses.

            The Plackett-Burman (PB) Design was used in screening the seven (7) variables that were found relevant in the development of a healthy juice drink during the conduct of preliminary experiment. These were the levels of sugar, calamansi extract, pineapple pulp, squash and ginger extract as well as the blending and steaming time. The results showed that factors with significant effect to the acceptability of the squash-pineapple juice were the levels of sugar and ginger extract and the blending time in which researchers had chosen only the levels of sugar and ginger extract as factors for the formulation optimization of the product.


juice, pineapple, Plackett-Burman Design, squash, variable screening


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