Empowerment of School Heads and School-Based Management Implementation in the Public Secondary Schools

Christopher R. Vicera, Susan S. Bentor


This study determined the extent of implementation of the School-Based Management (SBM) in Biliran Division. Specifically, it determined the socio-demographic, academic/professional, and administrative profile of the school heads. The survey included 16 school administrators and 80 public secondary school teachers from 16 public secondary schools in Biliran Division. The extent of School-Based Management program has been implemented to a large extent in Biliran Division, with no serious implementation problems. The extent of SBM implementation was highest among married school heads, implying the need to develop a high sense of personal commitment and responsibility in SBM implementation for it to be successful. There was no significant relationship between school heads' profile and the level of seriousness of problems met on SBM implementation. Similarly, there was no significant relationship between the level of empowerment of school heads and: extent of SBM implementation, and the seriousness of problems met in SBM implementation.


school-based management; empowerment of school heads; secondary school heads and SBM problems met


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