Surfacing Research Needs of Biliran Province State University Students through KAP

Marianne Agnes T Mendoza, Gerwin D Bentoy, Loudie Bagareno Suliva, Jojo T Estrada, Victor C Cañezo, Jr.


Various literature purport that data-driven policy lead to more sustainable effects.  This study is based on the Knowledge, Attitude, and Practice (KAP) Model. According to the KAP Model, change in behavior follows a sequence of steps starting from awareness and knowledge to developing positive attitude then intention before practice. This study purports that in order for the students to practice the proposed processes and policies in the mainstreaming and standardization of research outputs, they must first have knowledge about research and have positive attitude toward the needed changes.

A survey was conducted to gather pertinent data involving 2,178 respondents. Data was verified through consultative meetings with different stakeholders. Descriptive statistics of frequency counts, percentage, and means were used to describe the socio-demographic profile, knowledge of, and attitude toward research.  Spearman Rho Correlation Coefficient was used to determine the relationship between the different ordinal variables. Thematic analysis was also done to determine research-related practices of respondents.

In general, majority of students were categorized as having low knowledge level of research. Almost all of respondents can be categorized as having positive attitude toward the standardization of research outputs. When asked to suggest ways of increasing the quality of research outputs submitted by students, most suggested improving the facilities and improving the quality of instruction in research subjects. When Spearman Rho Correlation Coefficient was run on the data, there was a significant positive relationship between knowledge and attitude in almost all statements, confirming our model.


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