Performance and Problems Encountered by Maritime Institutions in Eastern Visayas

Alvin L. Ampong, Angelita F. Pajaron, Ludito V. Ramirez


The study aimed to look into the problems encountered and the performance of the maritime institutions in Region 8, namely: Eastern Visayas State University (EVSU), Naval State University (NSU), and Palompon Institute of Technology (PIT). The respondents were the college deans, faculty, and students of the maritime education program. Data were gathered through the questionnaire-checklist, interview, and college records were analyzed and interpreted. In terms of enrollment and graduates over the last five school years (from SY 2007-2008 to 2011-2012), NSU obtained the highest total enrollment of 6; 243 but turned out 867 graduates only, while PIT got a total enrollment of 4; 179 but was able to produce 974 graduates. PIT is doing better in its shipboard training program. The requirements on the administrators' and faculty members' profile, educational qualification, experience, and relevant trainings were complied, except for research which needs to be institutionalized in the College of Maritime Education. As to the problems met, the area on laboratory revealed that it was more felt in EVSU, but was never felt in PIT, indicating the latter to have adequate laboratory facilities. PIT was able to set a high record of shipboard training considering its small enrollment. PIT's maritime upgrading program in partnership with the KVNR or the Shipowners Association of the Netherlands was also seen to be an important factor. Improvement and enhancement activities of schools offering maritime education in Region 8 are imperative.


shipboard training; on the job training performance; maritime education


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Full Text: JST 13


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