Profitability Analysis of Seaweed (Eucheuma denticulatum (N.L.Burman) F.S. Collins & Hervey) Enterprise in Dawahon Island Bato, Leyte: A Green Value Chain Approach

Christopher R. Galgo, Jr, Antonio P. Abamo


Seaweeds are significant aquaculture products among farmers of Dawahon Island Bato, Leyte, Philippines. Unfortunately, the farmers suffer problems that in effect reduce the income they receive from their produce. This study analyzed the existing interrelationship among players and stakeholders and the impact of value chain activities on the environment using an environmentally extended value chain analysis (VCA). Key informant survey data were analyzed using participant observation, and participatory systems analysis to examine and assess the profitability and efficiency performance of an environmentally extended value chain for seaweed in Dawahon Island. Detailed value chain mapping showed that as the product moves along the value chain segments, losses were experienced due to factors like post-harvest losses, theft, ice-ice disease and transport damages. Performance analysis revealed that traders were the most benefited along the seaweed value chain. Participatory systems analysis identified several elements which were recognized to be potential starting points for development activities. The environmentally extended analysis also identified activities in the value chain which have considerable impact to the environment


seaweeds; green value chain analysis; participatory systems analysis; chain mapping and upgrading


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