Awareness and Utilization of Contraception Technology among Rural Married Couples

Pearl Irish T. Velicaria, Aileen Garil


In recent years, the problem on unwanted pregnancies has become an important concern in the society. Thus, the use of contraception technology is being promoted. At this time however, there is limited understanding on the knowledge and use of contraception among rural married couples. This study was conducted to determine the profile, awareness, perceived effectiveness and utilization of contraception technology among the respondents. Data where gathered from June-October 2013 through a self-made questionnaire and respondents were chosen using purposive-quota sampling. Results showed that majority had an average awareness on contraception technology through their family members or relatives, perceived contraception technology to be effective and utilized pills. Results of the study highlight the need to conduct information dissemination to increase awareness and the use of contraception technology.


birth control; contraceptives; contraception; unwanted pregnancies


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