Fertilization Practices of Lowland Rice Farmers in Biliran, Philippines

Mario C. Nierras


Most Biliran lowland rice farmers are married males,middle-aged (40-50 years old), own the land they till measuring from less to more than a hectare, and have attended elementary schooling only. The farmers cultivate their rice elds twice a year without performing soil sampling. Of the ve fertilization practices, three have shown signicant dierences relative to yield.These practices are: fertilization frequency per cropping, quantity of fertilizer application per hectare, and basis for quantity of fertilization. Fertilizer type and time of fertilizer application did not show signicant dierences with respect to yield.Lowland rice farmers in Biliran, Philippines lack the proper farming education because they do not give importance to soil analysis that is crucial to production. Thus, rice farmers need to be exposed to non-formal education through extension services by government and non-government organizations.


fertilization; fertilization practices; rice farmers; lowland rice farmers; cropping system


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Full Text: JST 02


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